VIRAL: Amazing makeup transforms women into goddesses of beauty

This video about the amazing makeup by Goar Avetisyan, which transforms women into goddesses of beauty, raked over 2 million views in 3 days.

The 1-minute, 32-second clip was posted on the Olipretty Facebook page on February 29 and has so far captured the attention of female social media users as well as those in the fashion industry.

I can't belive in my eyes :oAmazing makeup by Goar_avetisyanCredit: @goar_avetisyan
Posted by Olipretty on Sunday, February 28, 2016

However, it wasn't really met with a red carpet as some expressed doubt that two of the models were not the same person.

"Are these ladies the same? Cause if you are to check her teeth has braces before she was transformed but when the make up was done, they took the braces off? Haha #justcurious," a certain Melissa Bronoso Anduque posted.

There are contradicting views in the comments section alright, but most of the viewers praised the work of the 22-year-old Russian make-up teacher and hair stylist.

"It didn't say anything about them being more beautiful afterwards. It just said amazing makeup. No they do not look like they did before, yes they look like a completely different person. Which is a transformation. It's an art and she did an amazing job. They look beautiful before and after, and like they have wonderfully fun personalities," Tina Staley commented.

"Its all in fun ladies...It is an advertisement, & thats exactly what we are seeing. She is advertising her "makeup" She is a makeup artist, showing what the right makeup can do. I love it! Shows how we can look glamorous, just by applying makeup the professional way! can use more or less....if you dont want alot, dont do alot. Its amazing! I would love to have a few of us girls together & have it done!! awesome!" Brenda Burns Maduro said.