Jeepney no longer 'King of the Road', viral video shows why

The passenger jeepney is no longer the "King of the Road" in the Philippines. This video shows that the public utility jeep has been dethroned.

A 56-second clip posted Friday afternoon on Facebook has become evidence that the jeepney is "afraid" of the sport utility vehicle (SUV).

In the video that already got a million views in less than 24 hours, the SUV forced the former title holder to "back out" from counterflowing while plying in a busy street.

The PUJ's abusive driver may have thought he can get through heavy traffic by running in an opposite direction, but the brave SUV taught both of them a lesson.

The jeepney's attempt failed maybe because it was too afraid that the SUV would get mad and unleash its power: the so-called sudden unintended acceleration (SUA).

This is a wake-up call for all jeepneys out there.