VIRAL: 40-year-old pregnant mother marries own son, 23

The story about a 40-year-old mother who married her own son, 23, after he got her pregnant with her own grandchild, has gone viral online...


The mom and her son cum new husband, who were identified in reports as Betty and Farai Mbereko, lived in Mwenezi in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

Betty, whose spouse died in 2001, decided to marry her son rather than one of her late husband's brothers who tried to have sex with her even when he was still alive.

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She was charged in a village court with incest.

At the proceedings, Betty insisted that she had to be in union with Farai in marriage because she paid for his education and she doesn't want anyone else to benefit from his salary.

"Let me enjoy the products of my sweat," she told the court council.

For his part, Farai said he was excited to marry his mother. He even vowed to pay for the debt of his late father.

Betty's case was eventually dismissed and the couple were forced to leave the village for an unknown destination.

The story was originally posted on Jade African in 2013 and has been retold in other websites since. The most recent was in February 2016 on iReporter.