Video captures drunk girl being raped by drinking buddies

A video that captured a scene where a young, drunk girl was being raped by her drinking buddies after a party has gone viral on Facebook.

The clip, lasting about a minute or so, shows the girl crying as she tried to resist the evil motive of her two male friends, one of whom was removing her clothes and the other was taking the video.

She was covering her face while calling her mother, "Oh my God! Mamaaaa...mamaaaaaaa," and was pleading for help but to no avail. She was too drunk she cannot even stand on her own feet.

One of the guys successfully penetrated the victim, who is believed to be under 18 years of age, after taking off her underwear and forcing himself into her.

Apparently, the sexual abuse did not happen in Manila as the men were not speaking Tagalog but a certain dialect. The identities of the victim and her attackers remain unknown.

Facebook already removed the video after it received reports and complaints since being uploaded on Thursday, February 11. Those who saw it condemned the girl's drinking buddies although some had put the blame on her for overly trusting them.

The incident should serve as a lesson for girls especially minors, according to netizens, with some saying they should not go out and engage in a drinking spree with untrustworthy men.