Vampire? Video catches man with no reflection passing by mirror

A video taken by a surveillance camera inside a store caught a man with no reflection, believed to be a vampire, passing by a large mirror.

In the 43-second clip which went viral recently, two women can be heard talking while reviewing a CCTv footage of the incident.

One of them said "just keep watching" and when the unbelievable occured told her companion, "it's crazy." The other woman asked, "what the did that happen?"

Indeed, a man in his 20's is seen passing by a life size mirror but, unlike the other customers in the shop, he has no reflection.

Although he has a shadow, the image of his entire body doesn't appear in the reflective surface.


As of 4 a.m. on Wednesday, February 3, the video already garnered more than 1,700 shares and over 100,000 views. It was posted on Facebook amid reports of alleged vampire attacks in New Zealand.

On Tuesday, February 2, Fox News reported about a woman who was accused of biting a man's neck so hard her teeth cut through an artery and another one who was arrested after allegedly chomping on a woman's ear.

Within the day, cops were called to a separate biting attack where a woman involved in a brawl bit a man on the neck. The victim reportedly lost so much blood he was brought to a hospital in a serious condition.