WATCH: Traffic enforcers vs sales manager in Cavite altercation

An altercation between traffic enforcers and a sales manager at the road fronting SM City Molino in Cavite was captured in a viral video.

According to the Facebook post of the uploader, Kheo Avejar, the vehicle driven by the sales manager got flagged down near the mall and the traffic enforcers asked for his driver's license without stating a violation.
The traffic enforcers also allegedly tried to confiscate the tablet being used to film the incident. When the attempt failed, Avejar said the enforcers used an electroshock device (possibly a Taser) on the sales manager and two helpers, and forced them to get off the truck.

Avejar explained that their sales manager refused to park the truck because there was neither a checkpoint nor a traffic violation. He said there were no police officers nearby when the incident took place.

The complainant pointed out that traffic rules and regulations only allow one enforcer to approach then talk to the driver and issue a ticket.

It can be heard in the video that an enforcer and the sales manager/driver were having a heated argument after the latter insisted that he did not commit any traffic violation.

Avejar urged netizens to share the video so it can reach the authorities.