Real story behind viral R-Breezy video of self-pleasuring model

The real story behind the model who was seen pleasuring herself in the viral video posted by the R-Breezy Facebook page has been revealed.

According to a certain Martha Errington, her friend "made a mistake by trusting people who she shouldn't have trusted."

Pauline was "drunk and peer pressured" at the time and "she really wasn't aware that some idiots" would cause her embarrassment, she said.

"The video was taken by her a long time ago which she now regrets," Errington added.

Marc Lester Garcia Trinidad, who also made an intriguing relative post, said the private video was taken by the model exclusively for her now ex-boyfriend.

He alleged that administrators of the Facebook pages where the video was uploaded, including R-Breezy, blackmailed the model and asked her favors.

Due to its lewd content, the video has been removed on Facebook. However, a copy was published on YouTube by "R-Breezy Official."