Netizen slams resto over bad service, burnt corned beef

A netizen slammed Cafe France at The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig, over burnt corned beef and the restaurant's alleged bad service.

Jasmine Nadja Pinugu expressed her sentiments in an open letter posted on her Facebook account:

Dear Cafe France Medical City,

Please improve on your services. My mom and I decided to have lunch in your place earlier today since we were following up documents at the hospital. We placed our orders before 12nn. We ordered for 2 hashed corned beef meal with juice, pasta, and egg salad sandwich.

You delivered the first corned beef meal after 30 minutes (one of the corned beef was burnt) and 10 minutes later, the egg sandwich. The other corned beef meal arrived after 15 minutes (after numerous follow ups with the server and I had to personally follow it up in your counter). When I asked for the juice, the server asked me "umorder po ba kayo?", to which I replied "isn't it part of the meal?"

Well you certainly proved that forever exists when the juice arrived 5 minutes before we left your resto. And I did not hear a single utterance of "I'm sorry", "we apologize", or anything to that effect, even when I informed the manager [that] "your services suck."

If you wish for patrons to continue coming to your place, then make sure you know how to deal with customers and deliver what you promise to deliver. For a self-serviced joint, paying 700php is certainly a stretch for the kind of treatment we got from your crew.