WATCH: Driver gets thrown off motorcyle in bridge accident

A dashboard camera has captured a vehicular accident at a bridge in Tuba, Benguet where a man was thrown off the motorcycle he was driving.

The video posted by Leo Kimbungan on Tuesday, February 16, has gone viral via social media. Based on its timestamp, the accident happened around 9:50 a.m. on Saturday, February 13.

In the footage, a motorcycle collided head on with an overtaking black AUV type of vehicle. The impact was so strong that the motorcycle driver got thrown up over six feet in the air and landed on the concrete road with his body flipped.

The victim's helmet disengaged from his head and rolled several meters away from the point of impact. It was not disclosed whether or not the driver survived.

It was witnessed by a family riding the car with the dashcam. Watch the video from their view here:

A bridge is not a safe place to overtake because the oncoming vehicle from the other side, in this case a curved one, cannot be seen. Besides, it has a two-yellow lane.