'Engineer with gun' prank video goes viral, 'joke' backfires

A prank video showing an "engineer with a gun" has gone viral. It was meant to be a joke, but it backfired after netizens took it seriously.
Several Facebook pages have blown up the story as if it was real and even raised questions on why the man was holding a long firearm since a gun ban prior to the 2016 national and local elections has already taken effect.

The trending post reads:

"This is Engineer Joey Llana going to the house of Engineer Pla Persia. Claims that this scene is just a prank/joke are being made, but it still begs the questions: Did you find this funny? Is that a real gun? Is this something we should be joking about?"

A tipster told us that Llana was actually holding an "M4A1 fully automatic airsoft gun," the scene was "staged" and "scripted," and the video was "fake."

Unfortunately, many apparently refused to believe. Some even called the engineer "arrogant" and said they believe that he "should be investigated." On the other hand, admins of FB pages posted that Llana "must be jailed."

In less than 24 hours, the viral video got more than 560,000 views on one FB page alone. It was assumed to have been watched over 1 million times if all views from the social networking site are combined.