DFA: PH deeply concerned on China's missiles in Woody Island

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday, February 19, released a statement on China's reported deployment of missiles in Woody Island.

"The Philippines is gravely concerned by reports that China has deployed surface-to-air missiles in Woody Island. Such actions negate China’s earlier commitment not to militarize the South China Sea," the statement read.

"These developments further erode trust and confidence and aggravate the already tense situation in the region. It is a clear violation of the DOC and other relevant ASEAN-China Declarations and Statements. They put into question the good faith of China to work with ASEAN for the early conclusion of the COC, and to cooperate in the efforts of all parties to find ways forward on the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with UNCLOS," the DFA added.

Earlier, it was reported that Beijing deployed anti-aircraft missile launchers to Woody Island in the Paracel Island chain, which was confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense.

However, China denied sending missiles to the disputed Paracel chain, also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said it was just an attempt by Western media "to create news stories."