Dentistry student earns praises for helping man hit by jeepney

A dentistry student earned praises from netizens for helping an old man who was hit by a passenger jeepney Thursday morning, February 4.

According to Marvs Rojas, the victim's son, the student didn't hesitate to help his father who fell down and sustained a wound in the head because of the accident.

His Facebook post, which already garnered over 3,000 shares as of 6 p.m. on Friday, shows the victim sitting on the concrete pavement at the road side.

The student, wearing what was initially assumed to be a nursing uniform, was pressing a handkerchief on the wound while blood was dripping on the man's neck.

Rojas and his brother, Patrick, said they wanted to personally meet her to express gratitude for helping their parent.

The student, Ace Cancino, posted a comment on the thread saying she wishes for the fast recovery of their father.

Rojas said he was also thankful that the jeepney driver, who did not flee, took responsibility and paid the medical expenses.

H/T: GMA News