VIRAL: Starbucks cashier admits stealing customer's credit card info, money

Caught on cam! A Starbucks drive-thru cashier has admitted in a viral video that she stole a customer's credit card information and money.

Brian Espinoza, brother of the customer whose name is Elizabeth Becerra, narrated the incident in a Facebook post:

"My sister went to Starbucks one day and noticed the cashier taking longer than normal with her card. A few days later a couple hundred dollar transaction was taken out of her account. She didn't want to accuse anyone, Until she knew for sure. She went to the store where they used the card info and had her on camera. She noticed the cashier right away since she goes there regularly. She had to make a stop there and embarrass her life before reporting it to the police. I almost feel bad for the girl but she robbed the wrong person. Keep an eye out folks, even if it's at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks."

Allegedly, the 19-year-old Starbucks employee made a $212 purchase at Ralph's which was captured by the grocery store's security camera.

When Espinoza and Becerra went to Starbucks again, the latter confronted the cashier.

"I am seriously going to press charges on (you)," she said in the video. "You come to Starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed."

The cashier apologized and even offered to return the amount equivalent to the grocery items she purchased using the victim's credit card information.

"I can give you $250 right now, I swear. I'm so sorry."

Becerra, however, refused to take the money.

"I'm sorry that I took money from you and your kids. I'm sorry that you had to come up here. I'm sorry that this is inconvenient for you. I am a good child. I swear. I go to school. I'm 19. I play soccer," the Starbucks employee explained.

When the customer asked how she stole the information, the teenager admitted that she wrote down the credit card numbers.

Becerra has reported the incident to the bank and the authorities.