VIRAL: Man loses his mind over breastfeeding mother [+video]

A man lost his mind and got mad when he saw a woman breastfeeding her baby in public. The irate dude said he really felt uncomfortable with it.

The Irishman confronted the mother and even asked her to move to another carriage.

"Excuse me, you're not breastfeeding are you?" he said. "I don't want you to do it in front of me. Could you not express before you came on here?"

The woman complained that she had to feed her hungry child, but the angry man insisted that he felt uncomfortable.

"I just feel uncomfortable with it, please I'm asking you nicely, please maybe do it on the next carriage," he said. "Why should she be allowed to expose herself like this?"

Some of their fellow commuters intervened. A man even sat between them. Another guy sitting opposite the bickering passengers said the Irishman should be the one to change carriage and not the lady, saying she was "doing nothing wrong."

The video already got over 66,000 shares and 5.5 million views on Facebook. More than 13,000 people reacted to it, most of whom are angry on the the Irishman for his rude behavior.

Facebook user Hainz'el Llanely Cantos enumerated her arguments on the issue and said:

"1. He keeps on saying that the lady needs to respect that he is uncomfortable with her breastfeeding infront of him. Answer is, is she comfortable you nagging infront of her while she is feeding her baby? Self centered a$$shole.

2. He said that she should have fed her baby before she left. Answer is, what if she has been out for so long? What if the baby is not hungry by the time they left the house? Do you think forcing the baby to feed will not cause the baby to vomit. Mind you, a breastfeeding mother especially when she has a lot of milk can get her breast refilled every hour. That's atleast for me. I used to go to work and take a break every 1-2 hours and take 15-30 mins pumping the milk out because it is too painful and uncomfortable when you breast is full of milk. And then I put the milk in the company freezer so my baby would have a milk when I am sleeping at home.

3. He keep on saying that "Am I not entitled to my own opinion? Yes, you are. But is she not entitled to her own opinion and rights to feed her child. Self centered punk! You even used Jesus' name. Geeeez! Jesus would care less because people like us don't put malice unlike you.

4. He keep on saying that he doesn't really care but he keeps on repeating being a bullsh*t.

5. He keeps on telling the woman who is breastfeeding with a cover. Take note, with a cover to move out. Answer, honestly, I get distracted and dismayed to those mothers who would take their breast out the public without covering themselves. But this woman is doing a proper public breastfeeding.

6. He keeps in telling the other guys "I never asked you." Did someone asked for your opinion either? You keep on demanding for the freedom to express yourself yet you hinder other people's freedom."

It was found out that the breastfeeding incident inside the train was a social experiment by YouTuber Trollstation. The warring parties were both actors.