The Cebu skywalk incident from a rescuer's perspective

We received a message from an anonymous rescuer who wanted to post a reaction regarding the incident at a Cebu skywalk where a man fell.

The victim, Noli Cesiban, married and a resident of Sitio Tabay Lawom, Barangay Tisa, Cebu City, reportedly touched a live wire and got zapped by electricity when he tried to remove a Sinulog tarp from the roof of the skywalk at Osmeña Boulevard last January 19.

The incident, which became the talk of the town, was caught on video that went viral recently.

The emergency response team who arrived at the scene was criticized by some netizens as they were "slow" in taking appropriate action.

Here is the rescuer's point of view, we quote:
  1. The man was not tasked to get that tarp. He would have been in personal protective equipment, a harness at the least. He was there to steal it.
  2. The EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in Cebu is actually the pioneer in the country (ERUF or Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation). It offers a special EMS training accredited by the American College of Surgeons, one of only 2 in Asia. By Philippine standards, they are among the best ambulance service. On the other hand, Vicente Sotto (Memorial Medical Center) or DOH (Department of Health) has no ambulance team, despite the proximity of the accident.
  3. In all emergency service or amongst all healthcare personnel, the number one rule is SCENE SAFETY. In this case, the electricity for the area has to be turned off first before the rescue personnel can proceed... something that cannot be observed with a video footage.
  4. A very tall/long ladder is also required, from a firetruck perhaps. But then again, the roof would have been considered "live" as well, and would not be safe for a metal ladder to get in contact with.
  5. The rescue personnel did secure the scene, but other than that, the final outcome is the same. The man had 95% burns. In studies, survival rate in 85% burns is nil. I just don't know how he is now.
Just called up someone. He died after 2 or 3 days daw.

Just found out that a week from that, there were 2 street kids who found a way to climb up the roof of that skywalk. Apparently, there is a live wire that they might have stepped on while playing. They're both dead as well.