Teacher dies, gets robbed after PNR train hits jeepney

A Philippine National Railways (PNR) train hit a passenger jeepney in Manila last Tuesday, January 12, injuring at least six people and killing a 50-year-old teacher.

Radio report said initial investigation showed that the collision occurred at the corner of Quirino and Pedro Gil streets shortly after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, destroying the jeepney's windshield.

The jeepney with plate number PCV-165 plied the route between Sta. Ana and Padre Faura. The driver allegedly attempted to beat the oncoming train at the crossing.
Photo credit: chrocarlos.wordpress.com
The teacher, one of the three passengers who were severely injured, has not been identified yet as report said the victim was allegedly robbed after the incident happened.

There were six more passengers who were rushed to Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila.

The victim, however, did not survive due to massive head injuries and died at around 11:50 p.m. according to reports.