Taxi driver goes berserk, shouts and swears at riders

Another taxi driver has become the subject of a post that went viral on social media this week for his rude, sleazy and reckless behavior.

On Friday, netizen Hannah Quiwa shared her experience on Facebook telling how the driver of the taxi she, her 15-year-old sister, and 10-year-old niece were riding from Cambridge Condominium to Robinsons Galleria got mad, complained and swore the whole time.

While already inside, Quiwa was talking to the phone with her friend who got a grabtaxi just after 5 minutes only.

The taxi driver, identified as Rolando Camara, heard the conversation, reportedly butted in and shouted "Gusto mo ba mag grab, cge mag grab kayo walang problema un!" and attempted to stop the car to let the passengers out before taking a different route and numerous streets to increase the meter fare.

He was photographed yelling at Quiwa's father who was already waiting at the mall when they refused to pay the extra 50 pesos which Quiwa conditionally agreed before getting into the taxi.

It is a sad fact that Filipinos, aside from having to deal with the heavy traffic in Metro Manila almost every day, will sometimes also need to man up to abusive taxi drivers who prey on their passengers, and worst, even resort to threats and force to intimidate commuters.