Stripparaoke: Nightlife activity now trending in the US

Devil's Point, a strip club in Portland, Oregon is being visited by locals to witness the most unexpected pairing of Karaoke and stripping in live performances.

Stripparaoke was launched since 2005 and has since been performed every Sundays.

Back then, according to Shon Boulden, co-owner of Devil's Point, they were "basically just having a regular slow Sunday night." And then "decided to do karaoke" to which they originally named ‘Karaoke Sabbath’ and eventually mixed the two words and became stripparaoke.

Usually, we see professional singers having their own professional backup dancers. Dancers will pop and lock to an overtly upbeat music and others will glide to the slowest and dreamiest music.

In stripparaoke, Oregon locals witness two distinct performances — that of an amateur singer and that of a professional strip tease dancer — but they also see these two artworks' intersections and that is having fun.

Not only do they create a new harmony when the singers and dancers share stage, they also share the excitement of performing in front of their locals.

The name 'stripparaoke' has been filed for trademark and has received approval about a year ago. Devil's Point holds principality of stripparaoke in the US; cities from San Diego to New Orleans has carried on the same format of entertainment.

What do you think about this nightlife activity? Will this be a hit in the Philippines?