Solenn Heussaff says post-'wedding': 'I am still single...technically'

“I am still single...technically”, Filipino-French actress Solenn Heussaff affirmed on Wednesday, January 13, at a press conference for her upcoming film Lakbay2Love.

Photo: Solenn Heussaff via Instagram
The reported marriage of Solenn to her fiancé Nico Bolzico last December 2015 turned out to be a bluff. The model/actress has disclosed that contrary to prior reports, she has not yet formally tied the knot with her Argentinian fiancé.

But that doesn’t mean she’s back in the market, she and Nico are very much in love and have every intention to get married. The model also revealed she wants to have it done in France in the future, and that the wedding will happen sometime this year.

She says the purported 'wedding' in Argentina was a celebration of their engagement and not a wedding ceremony. Solenn further expressed that they went to have a celebration in Argentina because she hasn’t met with Nico’s parents in two years. Since the engagement, there wasn’t any other celebration done.

The actress clarified that her friends, Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Anne Curtis were with her in Argentina just because they wanted to join in on the trip.

"Loka-loka yan si Isabelle kasi," Solenn mused when asked for a comment on Isabelle Daza's post on Snapchat, in which it was captioned “Mr and Mrs Bolzico”, and another said “Rustic-style wedding.”

It was December 2014 when Solenn and Nico got engaged.

"Pag nangyari na yung big day na iyan, may hashtag and we will share everything," Solenn added.