Mysterious creature strikes in Cagayan de Oro

Residents of Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City were alarmed after three piglets got killed by a mysterious creature believed to be an aswang.

Reports said the animals tied in a vacant lot were attacked and sucked dry Tuesday. The flesh of one piglet was eaten and only its head and bones were left behind.

What puzzled authorities is that no traces of blood were found in the area.
Photo courtesy of TV Patrol Northern Mindanao Facebook page
The swine owner claimed that the piglets did not make any noise at the time of the attack although the chickens did. The security guard said he did not notice anything unusual while roving the vicinity of Ecoville subdivision.

Another piglet was found wounded last Thursday. A witness said it was attacked by three large dogs but the City Veterinary Office made no confirmation as the incident is still under investigation.

City vet Dr. Perla de Asis told reporters that the way the piglets died was very unusual. She believed that the domesticated animals were killed by a blood-sucking carnivorous creature.

Many thought that the mysterious killer is a chupacabra, locally known as sigbin, a once mythical creature blamed for attacks on animals including goats, rabbits, dogs and many others.

Village residents were advised to be vigilant at all times while local officials brought up the need to beef up security.