Man runs amuck, kills two after losing access to Facebook

After failing to access his Facebook account, a 34-year-old man got mad, went amuck and killed two innocent people in Agno, Pangasinan.

Said to be armed with a sharp bolo, the suspect allegedly hacked to death a 63-year-old woman, Laulita Naranja, inside her home. He then walked outside and attacked Hermenio Cabais, 52, who was on a hammock.

All three are residents of Sitio Pandan, Barangay Gayusan of said town, GMA News Online reported.

It took cops three hours to arrest the man and they failed to recover his bladed weapon as he apparently threw it to the sea.

The suspect, believed to be mentally ill, also tried to commit suicide.

When asked why he killed the victims, the suspect reportedly said it's because of his cellphone that got lost, the reason why he can no longer access his Facebook account.