Traveler exposes 'Liquid Paper scam at NAIA'

A traveler has exposed on the social networking site Facebook the alleged Liquid Paper scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Angie Nogot, a Filipina married to a Japanese, was bound for Japan with her husband and child on Sunday, January 24, when the incident happened.

The whistleblower claimed that she was asked to pay travel tax amounting to P1,620 for her and P200 for her son. Nogot explained that she's a permanent resident of Japan but a NAIA staff allegedly insisted that she must pay the latter amount.

The airport personnel allegedly took Nogot's alien registration card and passport. After a while she was asked why the documents don't show her Japanese surname. Upon checking, she was surprised to find out that her family name has been erased.

Nogot said she found out that her Japanese surname was covered with a Liquid Paper correction tape which she quicky removed when the NAIA personnel asked her to show a marriage contract.

Realizing that she has been harrassed, Nogot started to make a scene to get other people's attention. She asked the NAIA personnel to explain why she had to go to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to secure a certified copy of the document.

Nogot also asked why her surname was covered with a Liquid Paper tape. The NAIA personnel panicked and turned back while holding their travel documents, according to her.

She tried to take a photo but was barred by the NAIA personnel, who flipped her ID and said cameras were prohibited.

Nogot advised travelers especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to be vigilant and to keep an eye on their documents at all times to avoid being victimized by the alleged Liquid Paper scam at NAIA.

Her post is no longer available on Facebook.

H/T: Viral Bum