iPhone 7: Leaked production info reveals new features

When was the last time Apple released a new iPhone? Too close to call, but the iPhone 7 is now being anticipated for its three selling features: audio jack free, wireless charging capability and waterproof design.

Apple is said to be building a thinner version of iPhone 6/6s. An anonymous source disclosed to Fast Company that the iPhone's audio jack will have to be removed.

Users may then sort to using Bluetooth-enabled headsets/EarPods, or iPhone 7 may be released together with its Lightning-connected EarPods.
iPhone 7 concept
Photo: Eric Huismann
Ditching the audio jack is one, but additional improvements are being promised such as wireless charging and waterproof capabilities.

Samsung, Apple's biggest competitor, is now one step ahead because of its existing mobile phones with wireless charging capability. Apple is yet to disclose how they will implement the said system. But the waterproof design is definitely a go and more users are particularly anticipating this feature.

Other manufacturers are also enthusiastic with this kind of development and they have already begun producing accessories to match this design but at a very steep price.