WATCH: Hostage-taker stabs victim, gets mauled by public

A hostage-taker was mauled by the public after he stabbed his victim, a vegetable vendor, in Mambaling, Cebu City before noon on Monday.

Allegedly, the unidentified man, who is said to be in his 30s, suddenly grabbed the vendor at her vegetable stand at the Tabada public market. It happened after he took a knife from a nearby meat stall, Cebu Daily News reported.

Witnesses reportedly said the suspect grabbed the 30-year-old victim, Lenneth Enjambre, in the neck and forced her to go with him to the other side of the road.

The suspect stabbed the vendor when she resisted and tried to take possession of his weapon. Bystanders came to her rescue and mauled the hostage-taker.

Enjambre sustained stab wounds in the left leg and upper left arm while the suspect had bruises on his body. Both were brought to the Cebu City Medical Center for treatment.

The hostage-taking incident was caught on video. Watch:

Hostage taking sa mambaling na aktohan 11:30 ganihang buntag. Nagsulay ug naka ikyas ang babae (gapuwa/victim) sa pag hostage kaniya niining lalaki (gaputi) gamit ang kutsilyo nga habolan apan samdan iyahang ubang parti sa lawas ilabi na sa iyang abaga. Minatay pirting kulbaa nako kay ari padulong nako ang duha nag dinaganay homan gukda sa mga istambay ug kaliwat.
Posted by Justine Keith Igloria on Sunday, January 24, 2016