Goodbye #MarkSerye, Snake Princess finds new love

Facebook entertainer Snake Princess has bid goodbye to the trending #MarkSerye after he found a new love in a good-looking man named John Paul.

The series, which features cellphone conversations of Mark and Princess, became a hot topic on social media in December 2015. A month later, the online sensation caught his FB followers by surprise when he introduced a new partner and started posting photos of them together.

While many men considered Snake Princess as "nothing but a laughing stock," a lot of girls expressed envy over his "charisma." In fact, some female and gay netizens asked for tips on how to attract handsome men.

Bashers were quick to conclude though that John Paul is merely riding on his popularity.

After he shot to fame, Snake Princess has been invited as guest in live performances during founding anniversaries of towns in the province of Bohol.