Filipino dies after 'stunt performance' on hoverboard

A Filipino was killed after trying to pull off a 'stunt performance' on hoverboard when he hit a lamppost in Mushrif Park, the Dubai Police and Emirates 24/7 reported on Wednesday, January 13.

Photo: YouTube screengrab
How cool is a hoverboard? In big cities packed with commuters, hoverboards - the latest must-have gizmo - seemed to be very ideal for getting around, but the pricey toys have just proven to be a little more than a nuisance.

The recent accident is believed to be the first hoverboard-related death in Dubai, and second in UAE. October last year was when a 6-year-old Emirati was killed in Abu Dhabi after he was run over by a car while riding a hoverboard.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, head of the Dubai Traffic Police, also said that there have been cases where riders sustained really serious injuries after the hoverboard stopped and allegedly claimed another life in UAE as the batteries died.

"The Traffic Federal Council has banned the use of these boards on public roads for these reasons," he said.

2015, matter-of-factly, has been the year of the hoverboard. This innovation was actually inspired by "Back to the Future II" wheel-less skateboard that seems to float or 'levitate' and travels as if by certain kind of magic.

Sure, we already have cell phone computers, roving science labs as huge as cars on Mars, and gigantic particle accelerators that can recreate miniature versions of the 'Big Bang', but a hoverboard? Well, we do seem to have that already - but the 'not-really-levitating' version.

What we have today though is a portable and rechargeable battery-powered scooter that is two-wheeled.These hoverboards can't actually levitate. Rather, they use wheels to roll across the ground.

It sounds pretty lame, but really, they're actually far more fun to ride than a skateboard. The hoverboard moniker has, de facto, stuck in pop culture. A 'trope' for semi-sarcastically lamenting the slugishness of technological innovation, of really wanting the future right now.

In fact, they're are not just a US fad. A pilgrim was seen using a hoverboard circumnavigating the holiest site in Islam when tawaf was performed at Mecca as part of the Hajj.

Last Christmas, a priest in the Philippines was seen riding the same thing during mass but got bashed and suspended after. Following the incident, the government has reportedly planned to regulate the sale of hoverboards in the country.