Even convicts crave for radiant, flawless skin

BILIBID OR NOT! If you think nothing more would cause surprise as much as uncovering a music studio, Rolex watches, PlayStation 4, Wi-Fi connection, jacuzzi tub, air-conditioned units among bilibid prisoners which were made public from a few months ago, think again.

From a raid done by authorities on Wednesday, January 13, a diamond peel machine used for skin rejuvenation was seized, among other smuggled goods. At this age of cosmetic advancement, even convicts crave for radiant and flawless skin!

The raid covered Dormitories 1, 6 and the NBP Hospital located at Quadrant 1 of the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

“Life behind bars is more fun in the Philippines”, a play on the country’s tourism slogan says, as among the lavish things that were discovered include an electric massage machine, a microwave oven and a shower water heater.

Also seized during the visit were various mobile phones, as well as laptops, dual band transceiver, photocopier, gaming consoles, LED television, cable black box and refrigerators.

The prison cells in the maximum prison facility shelters convicted drug lords who are “living like kings”.

In addition, police confiscated a range of several articles that are conclusively forbidden in the national penitentiary such as assorted drug paraphernalia, fermented yeast stored in four containers, yeast weighing 200 grams and power tools such as electric drill, grinder, wood router and a submersible pump.

A cache of firearms including one caliber .45 magazine, seven pieces of caliber 45 live ammo, a caliber .45 pistol “STI edge”, three pieces of .9mm live ammo, assorted bladed weapons like J-Hooks, fan knife and scissors were also impounded.

To purge the NBP of nefarious activities, a surprise operation called “Oplan Galugad” is done from time to time until the maximum security compound is cleared of contrabands.