Unseen Miss Universe 2015 footage: Pia Wurtzbach being brushed aside by Miss Colombia supporters

This unseen Miss Universe 2015 footage shows the winner, Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach, being brushed aside by supporters of Miss Colombia.

In the raw video, several candidates including Miss Universe Germany are seen surrounding Miss Colombia—some are hugging and kissing her—to show sympathy, give comfort, and to cheer her.

An awkward and disheartening moment came when Wurtzbach tried to approach Miss Colombia to empathize but couldn't come nearer as the other contestants were blocking her.

Thankfully, a fellow candidate held Pia and pulled her away from Miss Colombia's sympathizers, who shouted "Colombia! Colombia! Colombia!" in her face at one point. Otherwise the Filipina beauty queen could have put herself in a humiliating situation.

The Miss Universe 2015 fiasco has hurt the feelings and pride of Miss Colombia. It also revealed the real attitude of some contestants who supported her, as well as Wurtzbach's humbleness and maturity.

Unseen Miss Universe 2015 footage
NOT SEEN ON TV! Some contestants supporting Miss Colombia and the awkward moment of the new Miss Universe from the Philippines. See more videos @ www.missosology.info
Posted by Missosology on Monday, December 21, 2015