LOOK: Senior citizen deprived of reserved seat in jeepney

These viral photos of an old woman being deprived of the reserved seat for senior citizens in a jeepney show that some people have lost compassion for the elderly.

According to the concerned citizen who took the pictures and shared it on Facebook, the passengers and driver of "Emirates" jeepney, with plate number "AAT-261" and a "Tebag-Villa-Sta. Barbara route, had let the woman sit in that position from Jollibee up to Bued in Calasiao town in Pangasinan.

Batas Pambansa 344, also known as "Accessiblity Law," requires public transport such as buses and jeepneys to reserve seats nearest the exit and/or entrance doors for persons with disabilities (PWD) for better access, safety and comfort. Those who violate this law will face a fine of P2,000 to P5,000 or imprisonment up to one year or both.

Article 18 (access to public transport) of Republic Act No. 9994 or the "Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010" provides:

"The DOTC and its attached agencies and sectoral officers shall improve the implementation or programs to assist senior citizens to fully gain access in the use of public transport facilities. The minimum requirements and standards to make transportation facilities and utilities for public use accessible to senior citizens shall be developed to enhance the mobility of senior citizens. There shall be strict implementation of courtesy space and seats for the exclusive use of senior citizens in all transport system. As far as practicable, PUVs shall also strive to install safe lower stepping boards."

There was a clear violation of the law based on the pictures.