Roxas bites the bait, challenges Duterte to a fist fight

It appears that administration bet Mar Roxas has bitten the bait of co-presidential aspirant Rody Duterte, whom he challenged to a fist fight.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
The two politicians threatened to slap one another over allegations that Davao being one of the safest cities in the world and Roxas' claim that he graduated from Wharton School of Economics are myths.

After admitting that he got disappointed with himself for challenging Duterte to a slapping match, Roxas said he wants to settle the issue like real men. He is determined to engage in a fist fight with Duterte because, according to him, the city mayor is a bully and he hates bullies.

It's getting funny. Roxas apparently believes his new strategy is effective.

Challenging Duterte to a fist fight only proves that he is pikon (easily angered by jokes or jests) and cannot handle stress as pointed out by the leading presidentiable in his speech during a thanksgiving dinner at SM Aura with business partners of the Taguig City government.

According to sources on social media, Duterte is playing with the emotion of Roxas to expose the Liberal Party standard bearer's true personality.

Duterte is a political genius, a strategist, Roxas and his camp should remember that.