LOOK: Mother ties her child like a dog inside mall

This viral photo shows a heartless woman who tied her child like a dog while sleeping at a table in the food court of a shopping mall in Manila.

Facebook user Crystal Sumulong uploaded on Sunday, December 6, a picture that captured the unfortunate scene which happened at 999 Mall in Divisoria.

According to her, the mother was confronted by the security guard after they noticed that the child was roaming around the mall alone. What the mother did next is unimaginable.

She tied the boy like a dog then slept. After a while, the child got tired and also fell asleep.

Sumulong said she got affected by what she saw, but was afraid to approach the woman to tell her that it was wrong to treat her child like an animal so she asked assistance from the mall's security personnel. She did not see the action taken by the guards.

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