Chowking allegedly served 'Kangkong with Spider' to pregnant customer

Popular fastfood restaurant Chowking allegedly served "Kangkong with Spider" to a pregnant customer in its branch in Bulacan on Saturday.

Facebook user Ivy Miranda posted photos of Chowking's product called Kangkong with Bagoong, which is made of fresh kangkong basted with sesame oil and served with spicy Chinese Bagoong.

Netizens now call it "Kangkong with Spider" after her story went viral.

She also posted a receipt of her purchase as an additional piece of evidence.

Miranda said she vomited after seeing the cooked eight-legged crawler—its abdomen already crushed—attached to the Kangkong leaves.

When she complained about the spider and took some pictures, Miranda claimed that the store manager immediately took the plate away.

Even if she got a P39 refund, the pregnant customer said she still considered suing the fastfood restaurant.

Chowking has yet to give a word on the incident.