'Chivalry is dead', rants girl after no boys offered her a seat in MRT

"Chivalry is dead." That's the declaration made by Paola Kristal Shane Gardon in a rant after no boys offered her a seat while riding the MRT.

In her Facebook post on Tuesday, Gardon attached a photo of an unidentified commuter and complained about his and other male passengers' supposed ungentleman-like behavior. She also described the poor guy as "unattractive."

Gardon already deleted her post, but some netizens were able to capture a screenshot which went viral after it was shared by social media personality Senyora SantibaƱez.

She got bashed, naturally, and her post sparked an online discussion on equality and privacy.

In separate posts early Wednesday morning, Gardon asked for an apology and understanding, and claimed that she has already cleared things up with the man in the picture.

She also made an appeal: "Please stop bullying me."

Lessons learned from this incident:
  • Gardon could have avoided negative remarks and harsh criticisms had she refrained from posting the picture.
  • Being able to own a camera phone doesn't automatically give a person the right to snap a photo of anyone, anywhere without permission.