Chito Miranda gives wife Neri a rifle as Christmas gift

Paroka Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda has given his wife Neri an exciting but extremely dangerous Christmas gift, a .22 caliber rifle.

The actress uploaded a photo of the long firearm in her Instagram account and said she's so thrilled to receive the early holiday present from her husband.

"While other girls want to receive expensive bags, I prefer to receive this. Thanks, baby! You really have a unique way of making me twitterpated!" she posted.

For his part, Chito explained that he gave his wife a gun so she can come with him every time he goes to the firing range. If there's a thief, the rockstar said Neri would able to protect herself.

And it seems the couple is also preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

"Most of all, if 'The Walking Dead' becomes a reality, both of us will be fighting them instead of just me," Chito wrote on IG.