WATCH: How Filipina housemaid became a CEO

This report tells a story of Filipina businesswoman Rebecca Bustamante Mills, a former housemaid who became a chief executive officer of a company.

ABS-CBN's late night newscast Bandila aired this video Wednesday, November 18, via Bandila Xtra.

Watch and learn how determination and self esteem changed her fate and paved the way for Mills to become a very successful person.

In the video, Mills said she already had projection, goals, and target and all she had to do was to work on the actions.

Even if she became a maid, the CEO said she tried to read and never asked why they were poor, and did not attempt to put down anything as well. She said her only focus was to help her family, nothing else.

"We need money to survive, to buy the things we need, but we cannot buy love, respect, and trust," Mills added. "I believe that each and everyone of us were born to the best."