WATCH: Driver cleans his taxi amid heavy traffic

Know how worst the traffic situation in Metro Manila is by watching this video in which a driver cleaned his taxi in the middle of the road.

"Traffic was so bad this guy just cleaned his taxicab," was netizen Atoy Llave's caption for the 16-second clip posted Monday on the Facebook page of motoring magazine Top Gear Philippines.

In the video, a man wearing shorts, maroon t-shirt and slippers is seen wiping the dust off his taxi while waiting for traffic along EDSA to move.

Garnering more than 76,000 views in just 4 hours, the video also generated funny comments from FB users.

"Update: The car is already repainted in that exact the same place," Brianne Boyd Oquendo posted.

"Traffic was so BAD that the cab got dirty all over again .. what you see in the video is actually his 3rd time cleaning the car on the exact same spot` lol," Oscar Malandac joked.

"Better than pissing by the driver's door..." was how Migoy Migs described the act.

Others praised the taxi driver for making the most of his time instead of wasting it by just sitting and complaining about the heavy traffic.


From Atoy Llave: "Traffic was so bad this guy just cleaned his taxicab."

Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Sunday, November 15, 2015