VIRAL: Netizen airs sentiments against France, Mark Zuckerberg

A netizen's sentiments against France as well as Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg touched many Facebook users. Her post is now viral.

Shiro Manding, whose FB profile shows she's from Milan, Italy who now lives in Manila, shared her thoughts about current issues.

The November 17 status message on her timeline reads:

France lunched 20 missiles in Syria, just about 24hrs ago regardless of the current probe on the Paris incident, because in their minds Syrians did it. But, messieurs/mademoiselles your act or retaliation can be perfectly ascribed as terrorism, doesn’t it?

First, Syria is already a devastated country, oh my God. It is in fact, the last place where anyone on earth would wish to be touring at. Second, statistically the number of dead Syrians as to number of dead French cannot be compared, in fact it can be drawn like an Eiffel Tower or a triangle, former are on the bottom. Third, so did you get the culprit killed? For all we know the master mind is having a good time somewhere in Bahamas, Nevada or sipping coffee in the White House?

Hey, you don’t condemn a certain act to other people because it’s wrong and say, it’s ‘justified’ when you’ve done it. It’s like saying, ‘justice for Paris because it’s a wonderful place’ and ‘Syria deserves it anyway because it’s ugly and full of Muslims'. Remember the face of this innocent boy sirs and ma'ams, he is just one of the hundreds, thousands of Syrian or Muslim to pay for something he didn't do until only God knows when.

Just precisely, why I would never change my profile picture with a French Flag filtered on it. Shout-out to Mark Zuckerberg, where is the Syrian Flag now dude? You think you are promoting unity? No, you are promoting diversity and cold hate by making the world choose just one.

Manding's post received more than 23,000 Facebook Reactions and over 9,000 shares as of 10:20 a.m. November 18.

Last Sunday, two days after the Paris attacks that left at least 130 people killed and scores injured, France launched a massive airstrike in Syria, targetting the ISIS stronghold in Raqqa.

French fighter jets dropped twenty bombs that destroyed the Islamic State's command post, recruitment center for jihadists, an arms and munitions depot, and a terrorist training camp, according to reports.

In the second airstrike, French warplanes dropped 16 bombs simultaneously on two targets used by the Daesh as command and training centers.

French President Francois Hollande vowed to retaliate at Daesh "without mercy" following Friday's deadly attacks on bars, restaurants, a concert hall, and the national stadium in Paris.