TRENDING: Man shows passport to prove he is “Phuc Dat Bich”

What’s in a name?

It may be alright if you are with your fellow citizens but for some who are born to immigrants in another country, it can be “irritating” and might be nightmarish for some.

An Asian man who has had enough went as far as taking a photo of his passport to prove his real identity on social media.

Although his post was made earlier this year, proving to everyone and especially to Facebook that it is indeed his legal name, an Australian citizen of Vietnamese descent established the fact that he is “Phuc Dat Bich”.

The 23-year-old man from Melbourne, and his post dated January 28, is now trending on Twitter after blogs and news outlets picked up his story.

His name is pronounced as “Phoo Da Bic” but Westerners or English-speaking countries say it differently, which is oftentimes considered offensive.

Forced to use his real name, Mr. Bich posted a photo of his passport to show the world that the name “Phuc Dat Bich” is indeed his.

His Facebook profile shows that he works for the National Australia Bank and his original post has now garnered 137,000 likes and more than 74,000 shares.

There is also another man by the same name but resides in Vietnam.

Some netizens showed support and called his actions brave for standing up for it rather than hiding in shame brought about by his real name.