Tony Calvento defends Alma Moreno over 'awkward' interview

Veteran broadcaster Tony Calvento has defended senatorial aspirant Alma Moreno after the latter was bashed over an "awkward" TV interview.

Last week, the actress-turned politician was interviewed on ANC Headstart, a cable television show hosted by ABS-CBN news personality Karen Davila, in which her bid for a seat at the Senate was tackled.

Viewers quickly turned to social media sites when the interview became awkward and uncomfortable due to Moreno's answers to Davila's questions about reproductive health and her advocacy on women.

The video of the interview went viral for several days. Funny memes spread like wildfire as bashers hurl negative comments against Moreno.

All these prompted Calvento to ask, was it an "interview or humiliation?" In his article posted on Facebook, the hard-hitting print/broadcast journalist criticized Davila.

On November 19, he posted the following on his timeline:

I saw the interview of Alma Moreno at Karen Davila's 'Headstart' on ANC.

The show started with Karen hyping that this was the first time that Alma agreed to a live interview since she was running for senator under the UNA slate of Jojo Binay.

I really felt sorry for Alma as she squirmed and twisted in her seat as Karen would propound questions in English (which obviously she is not used to ) and pounce on every wrong answer she would give.

She (Karen) literally shredded her to pieces. For what? For her show to be trending? At the expense of a woman who everybody knew was not too good in English and issues?

Is this how you treat someone you invite into your home, yes your home and insult, embarrass and put a person down who practically (maybe) does not have a chance of winning a Senate slot?

What were you trying to prove?That you are more intelligent than Alma Moreno? You don't show how good you are by showing how bad your neighbor is!

Did you feel good after the interview and felt that your show would be trending? It is now as some tabloids are critizing how you handled it.
Dapat inalalayan mo kung hindi niya alam ang mga sagot sa tanong mo. Wala kang karapatang pagmukhang tanga ang sinumang guest mo!
I am not a fan of Alma Moreno and I really don't understand why she agreed to run for the Senate. But what puzzles me is Karen's motive in the way she conducted the interview.

If I was in the studio of ANC during the interview, right after the first commercial break I would have yanked out Alma out of her seat and walked out of the show. Bastusan na pala.

Karen, you should try to be more Christian-like to the least of your brethren, that's one of God's commandments.
Try picking on someone na ka level mo. I hope the News Director Ging Reyes takes notice of the show. Watch the replay in 'I want TV'.

On November 20, Calvento made a follow-up post regarding the issue.

YOU HAVE A SHOW... you owe it to your viewers and the network to come up with an interesting and intelligent episode. They give you a list of people whom you would like to interview.

You have the final say who to approve. At the onset you would know that this woman would be answering in a different level than the other guests you have had.

You have the responsibility to maintain the level of discussion in your show.


This is something about getting her there, para mapag-usapan ang show mo.

Are you desperate enough to up you ratings and show the nation an amusing episode at her expense?

Is Mornings at ANC outrating you that you had to pull out the rabbit from the hat trick? People who understand know what I am driving at.
You yourself know what is my point. This is getting to be a bore so let's stop this. Guest other people like Ely Pamatong or the likes of him.
You know what I am talking about. Your vocal followers keep on harping that she is fair game and at least na laman na nila anong klaseng kandidato itong si Alma Moreno.

Hindi nila alam yun? Were they part of a lynching mob crying 'release Barabas'?

Next time get someone who can discourse with you in an intelligent manner and awe us with you wit and intellect.

Anong maisasagot ng isang Alma Moreno sa mga mabibigat na issues na ibabato mo? Alam lahat yan ng mga followers mo.

I know because I knew it myself. I watched because I wanted to see how you will handle it once it gets really too humiliating.

Her handlers were wrong in accepting a sugar coated invitation and in the end she was not the guest, she was the main course of the feast.

To put the cherry on the ice cream you tweet and re-tweet about it in your account.

Please don't try to fool everyone by acting that there's nothing wrong in your way of questioning. True, but you were talking to the wrong guest. Galing mo Karen!

As of press time, Davila has not given a word about Calvento's articles.