Organizer issues public apology over supposed JaDine concert in Bohol

An organizer has issued a public apology over the supposed concert of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, collectively known as JaDine, in Bohol.

The public apology was made by Ramon Einstein AcuƱa whose Facebook profile shows that he is a Business Consultant of Vantage International, the owner of Kamiseta, M&Co and Concorso brands.

In his statement, which was posted on Twitter by @VivaArtists, AcuƱa apologized for deceiving the public that JaDine, stars of the hit primetime television series "On The Wings of Love," would be appearing in the concert titled "Big Event."

On October 23, the day of the concert, AcuƱa said he announced that JaDine could not come because they failed to board their scheduled flight. He also promised that there will be a fans' day with the two celebrities some other day.

AcuƱa clarified that he had no contract and did not coordinate with the Viva Artists Agency, which manages JaDine's career, for the concert and any fans' day, admitting that he used the names of the love team and their manager without permission.

He also explained that Vantage has nothing to do with the planning and cancellation of any concert in Bohol, and all his actions and announcements related to the Big Event were personal decisions.

AcuƱa vowed to give those who bought tickets a refund.

Photos: Screengrabs from Viva/ABS-CBN

On social media, angry JaDine fans urged Viva to sue the organizer for estafa.