Kris Aquino shows post-APEC sunburn, calls it 'quits' with commuters who suffered from heavy traffic

Presidential sister Kris Aquino showed her post-APEC sunburn on Instagram and called it "quits" with commuters who suffered from heavy traffic caused by road closures.

The TV host-actress posted a photo showing her sunburnt skin which she acquired after touring the spouses of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders in “A Walk Through Time” in Intramuros, Manila, on Thursday.

In her caption, Kris said:

About to sleep, Bimb took this picture- decided to post this so we can all have a good laugh tonight sa karma ng kaartehan ko na SUNBURN ako ng bongga- nabilad [for being fussy, I got SUNBURNT- exposed to the sun] in Fort Santiago at the peak of the just before noon heat...You'll love the sense of humor of my sister Viel, baka daw [she said it was possible that] my entire back nag ka [had a] lace patterned sunburn. Si Bimb naman [Bimb on the other hand] said the shape of the sunburn is like the Batman mask from the Michael Keaton era... Quits na tayo sa lahat ng nahirapan mag [Quits to all who found it difficult to] commute these past few days, patas ang mundo, patche patche naman ang balat ko [the world is fair, my skin has patches on it]. #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine

Instagram screenshot

Some netizens criticized Kris for her remarks. One of them is Ely Concord III, a vocal and straighforward social media user, who posted the following open letter for the controversial showbiz personality:

Dear Kris Aquino,

You're a smart woman I know, but I don't know how or where you get the guts sometimes to post absurd statuses. Are you even aware of the nightmare our kababayans had to go through because of a poorly planned and executed traffic scheme?

We do not hate APEC, we support the government (well, sige na, your brother included kahit mahirap ito sabihin) in all the measures they had to take to keep our visitors safe, but then you forgot one thing again and this is certainly not the first time you did; you totally forgot to look after the welfare of all the Filipinos greatly affected by the summit.

How hard and costly is it to have at least deployed a public bus transport for commuters stranded along AYALA-EDSA to Magallanes or at least to Heritage Hotel in Pasay?

Krizzy, you just got sun burned, how can you say QUITS NA TAYO SA NAHIRAPAN MAG COMMUTE THESE PAST FEW DAYS and add to it PATAS ANG MUNDO dahil PATCHE PATCHE ANG BALAT MO for wearing a Filipiniana under the sun in Intramuros?!

PATCHE PATCHE rin ngayon ang buhay ng mga affected commuters because the hell they had to go through was terribly uncalled for. Hindi patas ang mundo Krizzy, your sunburn will heal, trust me. Nagkasun burn na rin ako. Ikaw ba nakapaglakad ka na dahil wala kang masakyan at dahil sarado ang EDSA?

As of 2 p.m. on Friday, Concord's post already got nearly 5,000 Facebook Reactions, 1,600 shares, and over 700 comments.

H/T: Jason Anton