BULATITE: Netizens amused with strange-looking worm [+video]

Netizens, women in particular, were amused after watching a video of a worm, the look of which proves that nature has a childish sense of humor.

An entertainment Facebook page uploaded a 53-second clip and labeled the elastic crawling animal as "Bulatite" because it looks like a male reproductive organ.

As of 9 a.m. today, November 11, the video already garnered over five thousand views. It has encouraged social media users to post naughty, silly, and funny comments about the different colors, sizes, and capabilities of a man's genitalia.

Some joked that it could become a perfect pet for lonely women out there. To read the hilarious comments in Filipino, access this page.

No one knows the specific name of the worm that looks like a penis, but it definitely drew attention online.


Ang alaga ng mga hokage natagpuan na! hahaha-BULATITERP from back-up page.

Posted by Kupal Lord on Tuesday, November 10, 2015