BDO takes down insensitive ads, apologizes

BDO Unibank, Inc. or simply BDO, the largest bank in the Philippines, has apologized after taking down some ads promoting its rewards card.

"We apologize that the Ads have been very insensitive. The posts have since been removed and we have taken steps to resolve the matter internally," the Henry Sy-owned financial institution posted on its Facebook page.

Earlier, BDO enraged netizens for what they called an "epic fail."

"BDO Unibank's latest ads for their #WeFindWays campaign apparently does not include saving the world, our environment or our future in general. They want us to be as selfish as we can and not care about anything else," Jae Manuel Sta. Romana posted.

"So, who cares about the future when we can buy the latest trends? Who cares about the environment (remember their sister company, tearing trees down in Baguio to build a parking lot) as long as we can save up for a trip? Who cares that the world is falling apart, as long as you have money for yourself?" he asked in a status message with the hashtags "#AdFail" "#WeFindWaysThroughScreenshots" "#Screenshot."

Ayeen Karunungan, an advocate who works for a non-government organization, also posted a screenshot of one of the insensitive BDO ads.

She has these to say:

"So BDO Unibank deleted this post. But of course there is a reason screenshots were made. Im putting it back so that we can all have a record of how shitty this company is (and the owners of the company). Let's not forget that it is owned by Henry Sy, who also owns SM. They cut down trees in Baguio to build a parking lot. They also built SM Marikina near the riverbank which caused (or exacerbated the already big problem of flood in Marikina) the massive flood during typhoon Ondoy because they blocked waterways. Not to mention that this ad is highly illogical. Save environment or save up to see places? What the hell does that mean?!?!

(Not to mention other human rights problems like contractual labor for employees)

I hate how corporations have so much power in this country."

For coming up with what critics called a "stupid idea," the advertising agency became a laughing stock but it was the BDO management who got the most blame for approving it.