AlDub fan finds earthworm in corned beef [+photos]

Warning: Some people may find this gross. A consumer, who is an AlDub fan, was surprised to find an earthworm in his favorite corned beef.

In a Facebook post dated November 7, Kristian Bañas said at first he doesn't believe in rumors about the presence of unpleasant stuff in some canned goods, but after what he saw, he said:

"I think its true."

The netizen said he was thankful that his wife was busy watching Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza on television that she didn't have lunch yet. Otherwise she could have eaten the earthworm, the color of which is the same as that of the corned beef strands.

Bañas was urged by a friend to sue the company. He thought about filing a case but felt he doesn't have time to do it.

He clarified that he did not post the pictures to tarnish the name of the company and his only intention is to raise awareness among consumers to check the content of canned goods before cooking or eating.

We invite Century Pacific Food, Inc., makers of Argentina corned beef, to shed light on this matter by sending an official statement.