Woman finds creepy note in underwear made in Philippines

A woman from Michigan found a creepy note in an underwear product she purchased online, the label of which shows it is made in the Philippines.

Last weekend, Nicole Perez bought for her daughter a pack of underwear printed with faces of the Disney cartoon character Tinkerbell.

She was surprised to find a desperate note handwritten on a cardboard that says:

Help Me! plz."

A woman's name, "May Ann," was written on the back of the note together with a cellphone number and location, the Philippines.

In an interview, Perez said she was terrified and felt like everything dropped to her stomach.

She then emailed the company, Handcraft, to bring to their attention the hidden message she received.

The manufacturer promptly replied to apologize and sent her a new pack of underwear to make it up for the inconvenience.

Still bothered, Perez thought about "May Ann" and wondered if she was seeking help over an issue on forced labor.

She failed to reach her though after trying to call the listed number, which is believed to be a prepaid line.