WATCH: Peddler can recite the Preamble better than most of us

A teenage boy who peddles candies and other food items around the university belt in Manila can recite the Preamble better than most of us.

San Beda law student Franchezca Sudla took a video of 13-year-old Mudjur Clemente after the latter offered to declaim the Preamble once she buys his products. It happened in September.

Less than a month later, accountancy student Alphi Magdaluyo met the smart peddler. In a Facebook post, she said the "kid often shows up outside the school at around 6pm onwards asking people to buy snacks" so he can have baon (pocket money) at school.

In the evening of October 7, Magdaluyo said she was surprised that Clemente had a different spiel. When the teenager said he would recite the preamble in exchange of her purchase, she asked him: "Ano pa ang alam mo?" (What else do you know?)

Besides the Preamble, the young peddler said he knows the "national territory, declaration of state policies, citizenship and suffrage, legislative, revised penal code article 14 aggravating (circumstances), article 11 justifying circumstances, family code - what is marriage" and the "civil code article 1920."

Magdaluyo said Clemente memorized all these because of a recite-and-we-will-buy agreement he made with some law students.

"Amazed by this kid and how cool my schoolmates can be. This generation was not that hopeless as I imagined it to be, after all," she added.

Clemente resides in Tondo and is a 7th grader from Jose Abad Santos High School. The young salesman plans to take up law someday.

Pauwi nako after exams. Sabi ng bata:B: Ate, bili ka na ng paninda ko. Dire-diretso lang ako kasi nagmamadali ako.B: Sige na ate, bili ka na. irerecite ko ang Preamble kapag bumili kaHuminto ako. Me: Sige nga. Go! :)i hope he goes a long way! God bless this kid. ☺️

Posted by Franchezca Sudla on Friday, September 11, 2015