TRENDING: The most beautiful, sexiest Korean teacher

Lee Nayeong, said to be the most beautiful and sexiest teacher in South Korea, has captured the hearts of thousands of male netizens worldwide.

The gorgeous high school mentor has become a trending topic on social media and blogs after photos of her circulated in the internet over the weekend.

Koreaboo reports that Lee teaches in a high school exclusive for boys, many of whom consider her as their apple of the eye and inspiration to study harder and attend classes early daily.

Some students even fell in love with her.

Famous for being a head-turner during her university days, the stunning young lady competed in the Miss Korea pageant until the preliminaries.

She eventually shifted her career path, decided to become a teacher, and got employed in an all-boys institution offering secondary education.

Here are photos of Lee Nayeong, believed to be the most beautiful and sexiest Korean teacher: