TRENDING: Dalin Sarmiento vs Director Joselito Altarejos

This is trending: Indie actress Dalin Sarmiento has threatened to sue director Joselito Altajeros for alleged verbal and physical abuses.

Sarmiento is known for films such as Balut Country (2015), Wagas (2013) and Beauty in a Bottle (2014) while Altarejos is well known for his ground-breaking openly gay-themed film features like "The Man in the Lighthouse," "Antonio's Secret," "Kambyo," "The Game of Juan's Life," "Pink Halo-Halo," and "Unfriend."

In a Facebook post, Sarmiento enumerated her explanation about why she refused to heed on the director's demands on the set of a film about domestic violence after the latter labeled her as "most unprofessional performer."

According to Altajeros, the actress did not tell him that she had surgery three months ago and allegedly suggested to fake the scenes in the film.

In her reply, Sarmiento said:

1. I did not tell you about the operation because quiet honestly, I did not think that it would matter. I did not deliberately hide it from you because as you have seen, I act and move normally, and it's not as if I am incapacitated to do my job as an actor.

I have been working since early this year, and I have played battered women roles before, and I expect that there is a degree of pain involved in these kinds of projects, but I never thought that the pain would be inflicted upon me not by my co-actor in a scene, but by you, the director.

2. You know that the operation did not happen 3 months ago, as what you said in your wallpost comment. It happened last November 2014, and was restitched on March 2015. I said this to you and your staff a couple of times.

3. I never told you na "dayain" mo ang eksena, I just wanted to "meet halfway", because I was fearing for my well-being because you have hit me in the arm a couple of times (and I have pictures of my bruises), pulled my hair, and punched me in the stomach. My co-actors and your staff all saw what you did to me and they told me that they really felt sorry for me, but they could not do anything.

4. If you do not remove that post in your wall or if you continue badmouthing me, I will have no other recourse but to file a criminal case against you for verbally abusing me, hitting me, slapping me, and punching my stomach on the set. I will have my new manager GR Rodis back me up."

Fashion Pulis has screenshots of Sarmiento's post, replies to comments, and the remarks of directors, celebrities, actors and netizens on the issue.

Singer-actress Lea Salonga has this to say:

That director is crazy and needs to be blacklisted. No sane director would ever subject his/her actors to this. In all staged fights (or anything that requires a fight director), safety should be the priority. It just needs to look real, not actually be real."

Sarmiento also found an ally on Actor’s Studio East, "an acting studio that offers daily acting classes designed to heighten & train your mind & body for auditions & performances," which posted the following on its Facebook page:

We've been a little behind with out blog posts &/or Facebook updates, but this latest update needed to be posted with the utmost urgency.

As you know, Actor's Studio East teaches effective, yet healthy methods/approaches to acting. One thing we, nor should anyone condone, is violence in the workplace. It's one thing to show violence in a film with pulled punches & edits, but it's an entirely unacceptable to physically harm your scene partner &/or the actors working under you when you're serving as a director.

A director's job is bring the actors together as a whole, to create a masterpiece by respecting the actor's abilities & their own, and to keep things moving forward as smoothly as possible. These are all difficult feats, but never so difficult for a trained director that one needs to inflict physical harm on one of their actors.

It has come to our attention that a director known by Joselito "Jay" Altarejos has does just that. He has physically abused a female actress we're quite familiar with, and then went on to slander her name as the "most unprofessional actress" he has worked with to cover his own woman-beating ass!

This is unacceptable & we hope to see the fullest extent of the law applied to this asshole. We stand strong against violence against women, and we stand even stronger against violence towards ANY gender, especially in the workplace. This is intolerable, and we cannot wait to see justice served.

Producers, actors, and agents alike: do yourself a favor, and never work with this pig! There is nothing more degrading & dangerous than working with someone who thinks they're above the law.

We greatly look forward to seeing this abuser get exactly what he deserves!

Share this with your friends, your family, and your co-workers & tell them to avoid Joselito "Jay" Altarejos like their life depends on it.


This controversy involving Dalin Sarmiento and Direk Joselito Altarejos is expected to escalate in the next few days.