The Game: Facebook post gives Duterte supporters hope

If you submitted to Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte's "decision" to not run for president come 2016, think again. This viral Facebook post gives his supporters hope.

Phil Dalo, whose college scholarship was sponsored by Duterte's daughter, lawyer and former city mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, posted his brilliant analysis of the political "game" he believes the popular local chief executive is into.


I understand the game. So allow me to illustrate how these things work exactly how it worked at my school days.

Day 1, a group of students in a class tries to convince the principal to permit a School camp that almost every students want. But the principal denies.

Day 2, students thought of recruiting more students, gaining 20% more of the school population, in a desire to give a convincing power for the principal to permit the school camp. But the principal still denies it.

Principal, wise as he is, is aware that The Regional Educ. Department wont allow it, unless otherwise theres sufficient no. of students to rally for such an event.

Day 3, Students rally already gained almost 40% of the whole school population just to convince the Principal. The principal really wants the school camp but his mind is concentrated at the Power of the Regional dept. - how they can restrict a proposition no matter how the population wants it.

So, Day 4, the principal sent a Formal and final letter sending apologies to the student saying The School Camp will not be happening and its final. But that letter is actually intended for the Regional Dept. As the Regionals read the letter, you can see their smiles and confidence that the School Camp will not be pursued anymore.

But wait for it, all the while, the Principal knows the Power of Politics when mixed with psychology and human emotion. He really wants the School Camp. Though he saw how sad and dissappointed the students were reading the letter, abruplty dropping the interest rate of the students to almost 0%, he knows how overwhelming the percentage will explode at his next stunt.

Day 5, the actual deadline of event submission for schools in the region. With almost all students already have lost their hopes, the PRINCIPAL finally said Yes for the Camp and submitted the Authorization for such event.

Day 5, still, the news overwhelmingly spreadout to the whole campus, and even reached other campuses all over the region that weakened the power of the Regional Dept. knowing the interest rate reach of 1000% from almost Zero.

At the end, the Camp did really happened and thanks to the wise principal.

In this illustration

Let the students be us filipinos, the Regional Dept. be Dutertes Great Opposition Sector, the Principal be Duterte and the letter submitted be the letter you see below.

Read the letter and use your instincts... Have you not noticed that the letter is not really intended for us? Do you really think Duterte is not that wise enough?

I just got more excited when I read this letter. You know, Politics is not just based on propaganda sciences and statistics, it plays more success at Peoples Psychology and emotions.

Let's welcome the New President Of The Republic of The Philippines, President Rody Duterte. A politics genius.
Do not be fooled by his game. He's a smart politician. A genius.


His daughter, Sara, former Mayor of Davao, who once sponsored my scholarship in college, will not hashtag Du30 or DuterteAko if its true that his family is not supporting the idea of him running.


In the comments section of the post, we stumbled upon a snapshot of Duterte's official statement, which he delivered during a press conference held Monday afternoon at the Grand Men Seng Hotel.

It stated among other intriguing observations that Duterte's statement is "unsigned," which is true.

Remember that filing of the Certificate of Candidacy (COC) at the Commission on Elections will run until Friday, October 16, so there's still hope for millions of Filipinos who want genuine change.