Teen raped multiple times by Facebook friend [+video]

A teenage girl from Antipolo was raped multiple times within three days by a man she became friends with on the social networking site Facebook.

In an interview with NEWS5, the victim's mother said her daughter was forced to sleep for 3 nights in a tricycle where she was also raped several times.

Initial investigation revealed that the suspect identified as alias Billy insisted on meeting the girl but she refused. One day, the victim received a text message coming from someone who introduced himself as Billy's friend.

The girl agreed to an eyeball at a convenience store after the texter, who asked if she is Billy's girlfriend, told her that Billy was stabbed. From there, she was brought to an apartelle. It was too late for the victim to realize that she was deceived.

Disappointed on her own self, the victim said she was very regretful for giving the man she first met on Facebook her full trust.

According to the victim's mother, they were also able to locate Billy's address through Facebook. She and her companions immediately went to Makati and found her daughter as well as the suspect there.

Billy was arrested and charged with rape, but was temporarily released pending a preliminary investigation.

Dismayed, the victim's mother said the suspect shouldn't have been given temporarily liberty because the case is rape. The Makati police has no explanation about it yet, according to the report.